MORGAN Sindall Construction & Infrastructure has enabled students at the University of Salford to turn their theory into practice at the Constructionarium, a unique facility allowing participants to build scaled down versions of real life structures.

The activity forms part of the two organisations’ collaborative partnership, announced earlier this year, to help students enter the employment market in a more work ready state.

Established over ten years ago, Constructionarium is based at the Construction Industry Training Board’s Bircham Newton base in Norfolk and provides hands-on construction experience for students, allowing them to construct their own versions of bridges, buildings, dams and civil engineering projects from all around the world.

Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure arranged for 45 students from the University of Salford to travel to Norfolk and visit the Constructionarium in order to put the theories and ideas they have developed during their studies into practice and design, plan, manage and build a real life project. 

Over the course of five days, the students were split into two teams to construct miniature versions of London’s Gherkin building and the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield. Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure staff in attendance provided expertise and guidance to the students ensuring the projects were delivered safely and accurately.

The activity forms part of the two organisations’ commitment to enhancing the employability credentials of graduates, ensuring they are able to enter the job market confidently as attractive propositions to prospective employers. 

Barry Roberts, managing director at Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure in the north, said: “The Constructionarium is an excellent way for students to put their skills to the test in an innovative and rewarding way. The activity that took place at Bircham Newton perfectly illustrated the deep levels of talent that the University of Salford boasts, and we look forward to undertaking more initiatives to help its students reach their potential.”

The partnership with Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure sits as one initiative within the University of Salford’s Industry Collaboration Zones (ICZs). These innovative zones facilitate students, academics and industry partners to work together on cutting edge industry facing projects and ideas which bring together world leading research and future facing teaching and learning to offer unique opportunities that better prepare students for life after university. 

This is part of the University of Salford’s long term vision playing out over the next two decades to link the campus with local industry, culture and residential communities to help drive the local and regional economy. 

Nicky Harris, lecturer in Construction Management at the University of Salford said: “Constructionarium is an excellent opportunity for students to contextualise theory and practice in a real life setting. Students are offered the hands on experience of the planning, the resourcing, and the building of a live structure to an agreed programme whilst navigating the challenges of the weather. It is an invaluable experience allowing students real life work opportunities and fits perfectly into our mission to ensure our graduates are career ready with the latest skills.”

As part of the partnership, Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure is using its expanding portfolio of projects in Salford to provide onsite experience to undergraduates, as well as offering PhD students research opportunities within the business. 


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